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Title: Across the Plains in the Donner Party
Edited by Karen Zeinert
This tragic story of Virginia Reed's journey west is told through the memoirs of the twelve year-old girl, with supplementary accounts based on her father's letters and the diary of another traveller. Maps and numerous reproductions included.
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Title: Across Time
Author: Jeff Fuell
True love and friendship has no boundaries… even across time…
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Title: The Bear and the Bull
Author: Harvey Mendez
Description: In this haunting tale in Old California, thirteen-year-old Ramon Montiel strives to save his beloved bull, Toro, from a fight with a marauding grizzly bear, a battle that would end in certain death for Toro.
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Title: Breach of Worlds
Author: Dana Davis
Description: How can a destitute orphan get an ordinary life? Seek out the valley sorceress, of course, a woman rumored to ride dragons and eat young men.
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Title: Closets
Author: Timothy Carter
Robbie Portal fears the monsters that come from his closet at night...until he learns how to fight back. Monsters who use a secret tunnel system that connects to every closet are afraid of light and they can't bite through blankets. Using this knowledge, Robbie ventures into his closet and fights to save his family from the creatures of the night.
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Title: The Daathar Chronicles
Author: Stacy Reynolds
All of her life, Daathar has been a soldier and a loner. When the Dragon Wars begin, she sees it as just another battle; that is, until the Goddess binds her to the Lady Wanda Leopard. Daathar, the Lady Leopard, and their friend Neita travel back and forth across two kingdoms, locked in combat with the fiercest dragon of them all - the five-headed Pentabelle.
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Title: Daysleeper
Author: Vanyell Delacroix
Children and adults alike have always been fascinated by creatures of the night; especially vampires. Delacroix creates an incredible atmosphere of dark shadows and secrets unfolding in this poetic journey of the life of a vampire.


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