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Title: American Lyricon: A Poet Sings of America
Author: Joel L. Young
 Follow one man's poetical journey back in time to the budding of a nation. From war-time to peace-time and in between, these historical poems capture the imagination and give pride to anyone who calls themselves 'American.'
Title: Chiaroscuro
Author: Mary W. Jensen
 Chiaroscuro is a poetry book about the contrast and balance between light and dark. It’s a journey through a crumbling world that leaves a gritty taste. It shines light on the edge of awareness where dark magic wars with childish innocence.
Title: A Dash of Expectation: Poems of the Classroom
Author: Russell J. Fee
 These accessible poems take you into the classroom where you will find triumph and defeat; spirit and apathy; laughter and tears; pettiness and heroics, sometimes all in the same day.
Title: The Day I Woke Up as an Ostrich
Author: Kristi Sayles
 A wonderful collection of short stories, poems, songs; and a provocative look at how some quotes from the Bible have been misquoted.
Title: Daysleeper
Author: Vanyell Delacroix
 Children and adults alike have always been fascinated by creatures of the night – especially vampires. Delacroix creates an incredible atmosphere of dark shadows and secrets unfolding in this poetic journey of the life of a vampire.
Title: Deathlessness
Author: Patrick P. Stafford
 Deathlessness is about experiencing life's many travails and death itself, and suffering the aftermath of those we lose to death.
Title: LOL Poems To Make You Laugh Out Loud
Author: Shane Ward
Laughing Out Loud (LOL) is a common need and LOL Poems is a great resource for laughing. Aimed essentially at teenagers and upward, there is very little bad language and many poems are child-friendly.
Title: The Lost Notebooks of Glub DZMC
Ostensibly Edited by: Thomas Cleveland Lane
 The Lost Notebooks of Glub Dzmc is a collection of very strange poetry, supposedly penned by a mad Bohemian. Some would consider the poetry “avant-garde,” while others may, with equal conviction, consider it “retard-garde.” Few would consider it dull.
Title: Notes From the War-Torn
Author: Joel L. Young
 Poems written for the firefighters, soldiers, and others affected by the events before, during and after the towers fell and the war. By God’s grace may the wars end soon. So the healing can begin to regenerate what the world has lost.
Title: A Lover's Anthem: 60 Elegiac Love Poems
Elsan H. Stafford
Description: An anthem to love's emotional transfiguration and a homage to every struggling dreamer who cherishes inimitable love, chivalry and the romantic ideal.
Title: Too Many Rhymes, Not Enough Brains
Author: Thomas Cleveland Lane
Too Many Rhymes, Not Enough Brains is a collection of verse, geared toward school-age children, but suitable for older readers with a lively imagination. Most of the book consists of whimsical poems. but there is a second section for fables in verse. At the end of the book, there is an extra treat...
Title: Twelve Tiny Tales
Author: Theresa Koch
This book is a lovely woven poetic journey that will be enjoyed by young and old alike. With inspiration of spirit, the author draws out on paper the feelings of emotion boiling up inside children of all ages.


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