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Title: 52 Children's Moments: A Treasure for Every Week of the Year
Author: Elaine Schneider
Devotions on children's Bible themes, rainy day projects, camp and Children's Church sermons, or Sunday School lessons. 52 selections with a memory gift for each. Choose by season, holiday, topic, or scripture.
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Title: Adora the Albino Alligator
Author: Rhonda Edwards
A baby albino alligator who cannot survive direct sunlight is rescued by a family fishing near her nest and is taken to a local zoo to begin her new life.
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Title: Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly
Author: Elena Iglesias
Climb aboard, hold tight, and take flight with Aloni Gabriel and Butterfly into the spectacular adventure that lies within us all.
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Title: Bird's Nest Soup
Author: Beth Szillagyi
Amber discovers by accident one day while brushing her dog that the sparrows are picking up the dog hair that blows into the yard, and she embarks on an experiment about what other things birds use for their nests.
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Title: The Caterpillar That Wouldn't Change
Author: Nancy S. Mure
Description: Imagine a caterpillar not wanting to become a butterfly. When another caterpillar, Franny, informs Nelle they must turn into butterflies, Nelle resists the change. But once she's a butterfly, Nellie realizes that change is often better than expected.
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Title: The Curious Moon
Author: Paul Sohar
What do you think will happen to the Queen of the Night – better known by us as the Moon – when she visits our planet? Will she be recognized for who she is, mistaken for a lost ball, or maybe even for a spy? Or will she be ignored by earthlings who are used to seeing her on her throne in the night sky, surrounded by stars, who are her ladies-in-waiting?
Title: I am a Dot: A Tale about Punctuation and Purpose
Co-Authors: Jeanne Glassman Claire and Nancy S. Mure
Imagine a dot so bored with its existence that it decides to take a journey, where she encounters many characters along the way: a line, a hook, a semi-circular line, and other dots.


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