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Murder in Mayberry:
Barney's Return
by I.M. Tillerman

Desert Magick: Haboobs
(Book 5)
by Dana Davis

The Secret Invasion
(God Chronicles Bk 1)
by Jon D. Zimmer

The Goddess Child I (Vampire Bible)
by Justin Lee

Shannon's Land
by D.B. Woodling

The Crossroads
by Karen Vance Hammond

The Mountain Epistles:
Letters From a Jewish Mother in a Greek World
by Shoshana b. Imhof

Beginning's End
(In a Si
ngle Bound - Book 2)
I.M. Tillerman

Off the Grid:
Living Blind Without the Internet
Robert Kingett

Sweet Surrender
by Tony Arnold

Life's Little Handbook for Humans
by Robert Bloom


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